Powerful Hosting: Dedicated Servers

Dedicated server hosting is one of the most powerful hosting plans out there. This is the reason why most medium and large organization depend only upon a dedicated server to power their websites. There are several ins and out to a dedicated server hosting plan. Let us take a look at what these are how these affect the usability of this plan.

A dedicated server hosting solution is a hosting plan wherein the whole of the physical server is dedicated to hosting a single hosting account. What this means is that in case of dedicated server, only a single user has an account on the server and all the resources of that server are allocated for use by that user only. There is no sharing of resources with any other user and the hosting plan owner is free to use the resources of the server in any manner that suits him or her.

Since, there is no sharing of server resources such as computing power, bandwidth, disk space, etc. a dedicated server hosting plan offers exceptional performance. This ensures that websites which run on dedicated servers are fast and are ready to support huge amounts of traffic without getting bogged down. This is the reason why dedicated servers are used by websites where it is absolutely necessary to ensure minimal loading time and quick response from the website end.

Another advantage of making use of a dedicated server is that you are free to install any script, plug-in or any other software on the server. This is because with such a plan you are provided with the ability to customize the working of the server in any manner you deem fit. Not only this, the task of server administration is also assigned to you making it easy for you to suitably allocate resources and balance various tasks that run on the server.

Dedicated servers are more secure since you are the sole user of the physical server, nothing is being shared by you with anyone else. Your server runs like a blackbox and with none of the features, services or storage being exposed to anyone else. Plus, you have the option of installing any software you prefer to increase the security of your server and help you protect your website from attacks.

The only issue with making use of a dedicated server hosting plan is the cost. Dedicated servers cost a lot of money (usually hundreds of dollars per month) since whole servers which can be used to host multiple accounts are allocated to a single user only. So, if your organization is in a startup stage and is currently low on cash, going with a dedicated server plan might not be the right choice. A lower cost solution that is similar to a dedicated server is a virtual private server or VPS. You might find that you are able to meet all of your hosting requirements at a much lower cost, typically between $25-$75 per month with a VPS hosting solution.

Another thing is that with a dedicated server hosting plan, you need to take care of tasks relating to server administration. So if you are not well versed with server administration, using a dedicated server hosting plan can create a problem. But this problem can be very easily resolved by making use a server management service that administers your server on your behalf. Such services are usually offered by hosting providers that provide dedicated server hosting for an additional fee.

These are the ins and outs of a dedicated server hosting plan; and they can surely be helpful in evaluating the pros and cons of making use of a dedicated server hosting plan for your website. For more insight into dedicated server hosting read through the Web Hosting Talk’s forum section on dedicated hosting. If you are interested in upgrading to a dedicated server talk with your current web host about your needs and see what they can provide.


Creating a Blog For Your Business Quickly and Easily

Blogs can be a great tool in promoting your business in today’s fast moving world. Most entrepreneurs acknowledge the impact the Internet can have on the awareness of their business. However some other business owners feel intimidated by the Internet. However starting a blog is not that intimidating and it can be cheap as well. There are various options available.

Websites That Offer Free Blogs

Some sites offer free Internet blogs for visitors. Novices who want to start their own site may consider using WordPress.com or other free platforms like Blogger or Tumblr.  They are great sites if you want to start a free blog because they have all the tools that are needed to get the blog running. The sites also offers great learning tools for beginners and the site’s technical staff are also available answer the queries of users. If you do not have the money to get your blog hosted, this option is ideal for you.

Self Hosting your Blog
A touch of professionalism comes with a price. Your blogs can be hosted for you at the cost of $5/month or even less. With paid blog hosting you can have your own domain name for your website (instead of  tommysblog.wordpress.com you can have tommysblog.com). Some popular web hosts as compiled by CastIronHosting.com are BlueHost, WebHostingHub, and InMotion Hosting. With a low fee, you can have your blog hosted for you. This option should not be intimidating because the benefits that this option offers is greater than the cost. BlueHost is now owned by EIG a company that has bought up dozens of web hosting providers in recent years with some of the hosts going down hill afterwards. As a bit of a precaution Cast-Iron Hosting Review made a post mentioning non EIG hosting options when they bought out HostGator last year. Hub and Inmotion were both on that list so you might consider them over some of the EIG brands.

Getting a Professional to Run Your Blog For You

bloggingWith several tasks seeking your attention, it is very possible that running and updating your blog can be near impossibility for you. If that is the case, there is no need to panic because there are professional online publicists who concern themselves with running the blogs of company’s. Getting them to run your blog for you will be a great idea if time is not on your side. Professional online publicists mostly charge a fee of $10-$55 per hour to run your blog for you. Another route is to hire a ghostwriting service for your blog. If time is not what you currently have, get help from them at a fee and your blog will be constantly running without your involvement.

From the analysis given above, it is obvious that having your own blog should not be that intimidating because of all the tools and services that are provided on the Internet. In fact it is very possible to have a blog running and being constantly updated daily without your involvement.

Five Things You Shouldn’t Believe About Email List Building

Image (109)Well, most Internet marketers, especially newbies, are so fond of the rumors concerning email list building. Where ever you go, email list building is always surrounded by false myths that are misleading. It’s almost becoming a new cult in Internet Marketing (IM). Unless you free yourself from it, you won’t get a clear picture about the true list building that can give you real profit. Here are 5 misleading rumors about list building you should never believe:

  1. The money is in the email list

This is only a half truth. It’s like saying the money is in the traffic. When you have traffic coming to your website, you’re sure to generate some money. It’s true that the money is in the list, but it’s not a full truth. The truth is that the money is in the targeted and responsive list. In this type of email list, you’ll have active response from your subscribers, and this is what will turn into sales.

  1. The bigger your email list, the more valuable it is

Not true. The bigger your list doesn’t mean your email list becomes more valuable (in terms of money that it may generate). You have to understand that how big your list doesn’t matter. You can still make lots of money from a small list. The truly valuable list is a list with good percentage of open rates. It means that the list is responsive. If you have a list with only 2% open rate, would you call this list valuable?

  1. Your email list is your biggest asset

It is simply not true. Yes, your list might be your biggest asset if you focus on email marketing as the primary method of promotion. But, if you focus on blogging, then your list is not your biggest asset. Your blog is. So, stop making your list so sacred and call it your biggest asset. You can call it the biggest asset until you see for yourself that the money generated from your list is bigger than any other online assets that you have.

  1. You can make money from your email list automatically

Again, this is false. How can you make money from your list automatically? By relying on autoresponder messages? You can’t do that. You have to get in touch personally with your subscribers in order to earn their trust. If you keep relying on autoresponder without touching your list at all, then you’re relying on a weak money earner. There is nothing automatic in making money online. You have to actively participate in your list if you want your subscribers to respond better toward your messages.

  1. You shouldn’t build a mailing list with free software

This is another myth that keeps telling the beginners to stay away from doing list building. Why? That’s because you can build a list for free. There are several good free list building software available, and they’re reliable. You don’t need to invest in email marketing software if you don’t want to. You can create a list for free with MailChimp as a starter, and you’ll still enjoy good results from it. What you must consider is the quality of your list. If you keep giving your subscribers quality, they’ll stay on your list whether you’re using free list building software or not.

Think about it. Those rumors are clouding your perception about the truly profitable list building campaign. If you can debunk the myths above, you too can be free from the false list building cult and start exploring email marketing with a new vision.

Is Your Hosting Company a Business Partner?

Are you sure that your hosting company is providing you with the best service? Have you tried other web hosting companies and compared the services they provide?

Every business website is crucial to establishing an image online. If you’ve been with your hosting company for a long time yet you don’t feel secure and satisfied, you may be missing the chance of using other great web hosting companies that offer more than your current hosting provider. You might be experiencing low visit ratings and searches online since you’re limited slow page loading speeds or even frequent downtimes.

Keep in mind that your web hosting company acts as your business partner. They work for you to enable your business to possess an identity on the World Wide Web. Don’t be stuck with a package that drops your potential popularity rate online. There are more features and other amenities that you can enjoy.

If you’re not sure about how to find a better solution check out the forum http://www.webhostingtalk.com. Take look around and ask questions. Once you have an idea of what you’re looking for ask a web hosting company what they can do for you and you’ll be provided with package details that are best for your website’s need.

If the pricing is higher than what you are currently paying for hosting check for coupons to lower the price. Keep in mind that you get what you pay for and maybe that’s why your low cost plan isn’t cutting it. You might need to pay a little more for a reliable and faster service provider. If you are going to be competing with other websites, take the first step by having a reliable web hosting business partner.

How to Choose a Good Domain Name – Useful Tips

wwwDomain names that are easy to be recollected are typically considered good domain names. Most of the time, simple names (made of one or two words) are not that hard to remember so you can apply this rule to the choice of your domain name. This is why you might have difficulties in finding a one-word domain name, but with two words (relevant and descriptive for your business) you have more chances to find the right name for your website domain.

It is better if you avoid hyphens within the choice of the domain name. The thing is that when you dictate the name to someone you should specify that the name contains hyphens, otherwise they might bump into another site which is not yours.

Make use of country abbreviations if the marketing country is different than the USA. In this way you have more chances to make it more unique without being mistaken with another website. When marketing globally you’d be better off using ‘.com’.

Consider not getting domain names that can be difficult to sell. Maybe in the future you will be interested in selling it and you want to make some good money off it.

If your business comes with a popular brand name then consider choosing that domain name with the inclusion of that brand name. This way your business will be much easier to locate online.

Stay away from domain names that are similar to others. Be creative in composing domain names that stand out from other websites that sell the same products or services as your site does.

Due to the fact that many domain name holders are not the owners of their domains, you must make sure that you do not forget about having it renewed. It is very important to keep this in mind otherwise your domain name could expire and you won’t be able to get it back once it will belongs to someone else.